Recently a Teen Age Gun Man with a Military Outfit Started Open Firing at Supermarket in Buffalo Market

Authorities Called this Incident a - “hate crime and racially motivated violent extremism”

10 People were Died in this Incident and Before Surrender 3 more People were Injured.

Police Said that The Gun Man Was White 18 Year Old Boy wearing body armour and military Clothing.

He said at 2:30 pm in Tops Friendly Market started firing on peoples. He has also a camera fixed on his Helmet.

When He get out from his Vehicle, He was fully loaded with heavy armed.

He had a tactical helmet with a Camera, by which he is doing Live Streaming whatever he is doing.

After the Shootout in New York Joseph Gramaglia said in a news conference that  ----->

According to the Associated Press the Live Streaming of the Shooting  ------>

Broadcasted on a Live Streaming platform known as Twitch for something 2 Minutes.