So The Ozark Final Season has Came and with this this Show is also End

So what has Ozark been about all this time? Now that it’s over, we can look back on the story of a family ---->

Who were literally Ready to do anything to Survive and Easily get away from Murders ---->

When Marty and Wendy Decided to Uproot their Family and launder Money for Mexican Drug Cartel ---->

They knew in their hearts that it would come with a cost.But it turned out that the cost was mostly paid by others. ---->

If we go back to the seasons Mason Young, Russ Langmore, Darlene Snell, Javi Elizondro.. ---->

This show is about a privileged family who always Easily gets out of the car accidents ---->

But the other driver isn’t so lucky. And the series ends with at least two more noted deaths ---->

Omar Navarro and Ruth Langmore (and possibly Mel Sattem). ---->

A show that has always been deeply Chippy ends with one of its darkest chapters in a lot of ways ---->

Advising that people like the Byrdes are untouchable. God help anyone who gets in their way ---->