Chelsea say that their points are falling due to bad weather   ------->

Wednesday's Sam needed his team's victory a lot for him. ------->

Due to falling points in the match, he is being placed in the fourth place in the team .------->

Now the next match will be in London and Blues are ahead by 4 point ------->

Mount ate from his team that victory was very important for his session but the game took a different turn. ------->

Sources said that this game was very important for both. ------>

Saturday's teaser for the next game as this game was an important match and they don't want to lose ------>

He said that the game has not started well after the previous defeat. ------>

What is your opinion about this game which angle will win the next match ----->

He said that in the next match he will look to win and he does what he can to win. ----->