Friends, today we are going to talk about She Hulk web series, so let me tell you that this new web series is coming on 17th August in 2022.

She Hulk web series will be shown on Disney++ which is starting on 17th August 2022 whose trailer has also been out

Friends, it is not decided yet, CGI says that she is not ready for the Hulk series yet.

What do you think web series will come and angle will be there if she is hulk then can there be hulk in it too?

If you were expecting Charlie Cox as you can get to see Matt Murdock in this trailer then you are not disappointed.

Who is Humere Hulk will also be shown in this web series because without them how will the series and it will come in 6 languages in India

There will be 9 episodes of this web series and every episode will definitely be of 30 minutes, so it will be a lot of fun to watch.

Friends, this is going to be a superhero super legal drama comedy web series and it is the 8th web series of Marvels.

The one who is the Hulk is the sister of Burrus Banner ie Hulk in this web series, who by mistake becomes the Seeker of the Experiment, She is the Hulk.

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